About me :

I am currently Ph.D Student in Rangeland Sciences at Isfahan University of Technology and Scholarship of Shahrekord University.

Educations :

  • Ph.D Student in Rangeland Sciences: College of Natural Resources, Department of Natural Resources, Isfahan University of Technology, Isfahan, Iran, Since September 2010.

Ph.D. dissertation title: The role of fire and grazing on soil seed bank and vegetation dynamics of semi-steppe rangelands in the Central Zagros region, Iran.

Comprehensive exam: It has been passed successfully.

Supervisor: Prof. Sayed Jamaleddin Khajeddin

  • Master of Science in Rangeland Management: College of Natural Resources, Range and Watershed Department, Tarbiat Modares University,  Iran, 2006–2008.

M. Sc. thesis title: Comparison of Carbon Sequestration by Soil and Biomass of Plant Species in Grazed and Exclusure Rangelands in Sisab Region, Iran.

Results: GPA: 19.78/20

Supervisor: Dr. Gasem Ali Dianati and Dr. Hossein Tavakoli

Total GPA: 18.73 out of 20, and Graduated as a valedictorian master student in university ranking.

  • Bachelor in Range and Watershed Management: College of Natural Resources, Range and Watershed Department, University of Gorgan. Golestan, Iran, 2004-2006.  

Total GPA: 17.18 out of 20.

Research Interests :

Effect of anthropogenic disturbances (fire and grazing)  on structure and function of rangeland ecosystems

Plant species diversity

Soil seed bank

Statistical methods in rangeland

Carbon sequestration in rangeland